Do not even say that social security subsidizes institutions that treat this disease as it subsidizes sanatoriums and clinics? Are there any school sufficiently serious diseases so that we can diagnose and study the cure? I know that there is this practice the danger of specialists seize these diseases to cure regardless of the complex in which they participate and the climate in which they proliferate. But we see the advantage in power compensation approach the study scientifically, that is to say, by experimentally investigating the causes to prepare the cure without dogmatism or bias. And that’s what prompted us to change theme of the statement. We do not undertake to real trial, especially since we are in this case judges and jury. We focus our discussions and research to a scientific study of academic problems. We have said many times that we are not systematically against traditional practices: we retain and willingly adopt those, experience, are recognized as valid and beneficial. Our criticism should never be disparaging to us to promote experimental and scientific studies which officially will detect errors, misuse and dangers. It is this scientific study that we will start in our Congress. To classify the problems, we will, as do doctors distinguish between educational practices, those that appear as defects or diseases for which we will seek remedies. I established a provisional list we ask our readers to critique and supplement: – Dyslexia and dysorthographia to speak of the best known: – The scolastisme, we will compare the medically characterized hospitalism; – Anorexia nervosa individuals we dangerously weaned vitalizing foods; – Stuttering; – The various phobias, consequences of trauma and disorders born to poor design of the discipline and work; – Systematic domestication of children who are permanently subjected to the authority of the one who commands and who systematically denies any initiative; – The drug in all its forms, which asleep, calms and stupefies; -. The fear of the new, already has, I think, a scientific name. Already this is a good package, we have to treat. If it is proved that there are really more or less dangerous diseases; if we could create, for each of the research, measures, theses and corresponding remedies; whether studies, sponsored by doctors , inspectors, sociologists, psychologists, managed to interest in these burning questions the mass of parents, a first round would be close to being won. And the teachers? They are practitioners who, caught in a fateful gear wear to fight against the causes and consequences of the errors, or often helpless doctors want new living conditions and treatment. All the more, and it will be easy to show, they are often accordingly, victims of a contagion that is worth to them, too, the scolastisme, school mental anorexia otherwise, pernicious phobias , domestication that elicits a morbid fear of novelty, handling hazardous drugs in all forms. If we help to raise awareness of these realities a second round would be won. 0 We thus will exceed the problem of tools and techniques that we thought to ruthless trial. “In fact, we wrote our I.P. friends, these are not only the tools and techniques that are involved, but the educators themselves.” All I.P. comrades will tell you that some of the Masters, with the only tools of traditional school, manage to give a living teaching, active and effective, precisely because they know how to escape and get the maximum. The trial is to be done, it is that of a traditional attitudes; and I swear the point that it did not reach some comrades Modern School. I think of those who need sheets all made in The Educator, and use them without changing one iota. What I call “traditionalist mind” is really just laziness of mind. I dare say it is laziness. And it is this that pushes traditional masters to follow blindly the textbooks and give a bookish education. Laziness of mind! And it is the moral with printed sheets (Ed. homework market

H …) the calculation lesson ex cathedra with a lot of written exercises, the vocabulary lesson, history or geography with awful paintings R .. ., and summaries that do not even bother to explain. The master of the book is king because it brings all the work done, all chewed work. And even if the dish is presented indigestible: we do not care to give hungry or thirsty in the child, one Gave! Laziness! And the danger that threatens the Modern School is the same as the sheets become guides or bands programmed into the hands of “lazy spirit”? And evil is far worse than we imagine: you can renew the tools but how to strip the minds and destroy multiple? The fact remains that these defects must be denounced. Because what I call “mental laziness” others call “routine” or even “wisdom”! And yet, I know these young teachers from 20 to 25 years and have already dusty mind as their sacrosanct forms they will use each year until retirement! (I know of teachers who are learning each year, the same recitation, writing reproduce the same patterns, the same operations)! This is why I continue to believe that the trial should be to hire is not the tools and techniques but of the teaching spirit. There is a “spirit Freinet” but there is, unfortunately, the traditional spirit, very often synonymous with laziness of mind. ” O I’ve always been more lenient with our fellow teachers because I have often thought that I would probably like them if I had sought and found other ways liberating. This “mental laziness” of teachers, it is part of this school laziness that we are about to expose. Our experience shows that laziness when it does not result from a physiological deficiency and abnormal fatigue, has no basis in the behavior of individuals. The child is lazy when in front of a work that does not respond to a deep need and thereby tired very quickly and obsessed. Restore the taste and the desire to work and there is more than laziness. It is the same for teachers: it is because they are coupled to a task often without horizon, they feel neither the need nor the purpose, a task that does not bring them spontaneously satisfaction and joy that they are abnormally tired, and the reaction to this abnormal fatigue is mental laziness and soon the routine. The routine itself is understandable in some business data. The routine – and we explain in our book sensitive psychology test – is the natural reaction to obligations that require us tiredness above our resistance. In the latest techniques number of life I explain how the experimental trial and error is the normal process of science. In this process of trial and error, the individual triumph difficulties. But this success, he needs to then establish a more or less long repetition that tends to pass the act passed in the automation of a life technique. But when this automation is acquired individual is available for a new leap forward that still follow a long repetition of the act passed. But if the individual encounter too many obstacles to this new leap forward, if all around him inclines to passivity and resignation, there will be no new leap forward and the individual will repeat forever past acts in life technique. It is not a new will climb stairs to reach a new stage. It’s the routine. If it were possible for us to help our colleagues mired in repetition on the floor where they stood; if we restored them want to create and mount the need to grow and achieve in their midst, we would neither mind nor routine laziness.

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