Nucleotide Sequences 1986/1987: Bacteria and Bacteriophage. by Edwin J. Atencio, Howard S. Bilofsky and June Bossinger

By Edwin J. Atencio, Howard S. Bilofsky and June Bossinger (Auth.)

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The promoter-proximal region of the Bac i l lus l icheni formis peni c i l l inase gene : Nucleot ide sequence and predicted l eader peptide sequence" ; Gene 15 . 343-347 ( 198 1 ) [ 3 ] ( bases 33 to 266 ) McLaughl i n , J . R . , Chang , S . -Y . and Chang , S . ; "Transc riptional analyses o f the Bac il lus l icheni formis penP gene" ; Nucl Acid Res 10 , 3905-3919 ( 1982 ) KEYWORDS : beta-lac tamase ; drug resistance ; lactamase ; peni c i l l inase . Baci l lus l icheni formis ( strain 749/C ) DNA , c l ones fd pen4300-ll and fd pen4300-12 [ l ] ; pTB2 [ 2 ] ; and mRNA , SOURCE : c l one pDH5055 [ 3 ] .

Subt i l isin eds s i gnal pept start ( gtg start codon ) pept < 1244 pept/pept subti l isin eds s i gnal pept 0 192 end/propept start ORIGIN : 371 bp upstream o f Aval s i t e . SEQUENCE : 1497 bp 420 a 363 c 357 g 357 t 1 ggtctactaa aatattattc catactatac aattaataca cagaataatc tgtctattgg 101 aggcaaaaaa gtatggatca gtttgctgtt tgctttagcg t taatcttta cgatggcgtt 201 ggggaaaaga aatatattgt cgggtttaaa cagacaatga gcacgatgag cgccgc taag 301 agcaattcaa atatgtagac gcagc t t cag ctacat taaa c gaaaaagct gtaaaagaat 401 cgtagcacat gcgtacgcgc agtccgtgcc ttacggcgta tcacaaatta aagcccctgc 501 gcggt tatcg acagcggtat cgattcttct catcctgatt taaaggtagc aggcggagcc 601 actctcacgg aactcacgtt gccggcacag ttgcggctct taataactca atcggtgtat 701 tctcggtgct gacggttccg gccaatacag ctggatcatt aacggaatcg agtgggcgat 801 ccttc tggtt c t gc tgcttt aaaagcggca gttgataaag ccgttgcatc cggcgtcgta 901 caagcacagt gggc taccct ggtaaatacc cttctgtcat t gcagtaggc gctgttgaca 1001 gct tgatgtc atggcacctg gcgtatc tat ccaaagcacg cttcctggaa acaaatacgg 1 1 0 1 ggagcggc tg ctttgattct ttc taagcac ccgaactgga caaacactca agtcc gcagc 1201 actat ggaaa agggctgatc aacgtacagg cggcagc tca gtaaaacata aaaaaccggc 1301 tgttcaatcc gctccataat cgacggatgg ctccctctga aaatt ttaac gagaaacggc 140 1 acgtctcaat cgccgcttcc cggtttccgg tcagctcaat gccgtaacgg tcggcggcgt site span 1 1 1 96 span 0 1 description subt i l isin eds propept end/mature pept start subt i l isin eds mature pept end ttattctgca cggcagcaca aagaaagatg tgaaaaaaga tctgcac tct agcatggttc taggcgttgc cgcaaacaat gtcgttgcgg gcagcaacca ggcgtacaac agtt tagaaa cttggccccg gggttgaccc tttcctgata aatgaaaaaa tcctctgccc tcatttctga cccgagcgtc caaggctaca cttctgaaac gccaagcgca atggacgtta cagccggtaa aagagcatct ggtacgtcaa acaccactac ccggtttttt ggctcagtcc ccgggagacg aggagaggat aggcggcagg aaaaggcggg gcttacgttg ctggatcaaa aaatcctttc tcactttacg ttaacatgag cgaaggcact ttc tcaagcg tggcatctcc aaaactt ggt attatttttc cgtaacggcc gcattcgtaa aaagagtgag gaaatcaaac aaagtgcaaa aagaagatca tgttaaagta caagacaaca ctgtaaaagt cctcggcgga tccggcagct taggacctga gcacgttgcc gat tctttct ttcctccgca aagtcctgaa tc ggatc BAMTRPED : B .

SEQUENCE : 157 bp 36 a 42 c 46 g 33 t 1 tgagagaaca cctctcaatg gtttggtggc gatagcgaag aggtcacacc cgttcccatg c c gaacacgg aagttaagct cttcagcgcc gatggtagtc 101 gggggtttcc ccctgtgaga gtaggacgcc gccaagcgat acttgaccca gttcatg BQRRBA : Baci l lus Q 5S rRNA precursor , c l one p5S-Bl . [ ss-rRNA ] ACCESSION NUMBERS : K03157 DATE : pre-entry 86-06-16 EMBL ID : * REFERENCES : [ l ] ( bases 1 to 142 ) Stiekema , W . J . , Raue , H . A . and Planta , R . J . ; "Sequence analysis and in vitro maturation of five precursor 5S RNAs from baci l lus Q " ; Nuc l Acid Res 8, 2 193-2 2 1 1 ( 1980 ) KEYWORDS : 5S ribosomal RNA ; r ibosomal RNA .

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