Grow Younger, Live Longer: Ten Steps to Reverse Aging by David Simon, Deepak Chopra

By David Simon, Deepak Chopra

In develop more youthful, stay Longer, Deepak Chopra, a pioneer in mind/body drugs, applies his many years of analysis and information to really opposite the getting older technique. this straightforward and useful step by step software designed through Dr. Chopra and his affiliate, David Simon, M.D., indicates the way it is key to resume all dimensions of the self—the physique, brain, and spirit—in order to look and feel younger.

The ten-step software specific during this booklet will instantly increase your feel of wellbeing and fitness, and the 3 day-by-day activities accompanying each one step can assist you completely combine the age reversal strategy into your existence. the way to hold a younger brain, domesticate flexibility, advance your immune approach, nourish your physique, and lots more and plenty extra. As you start to opposite your organic age, you will discover your self tapping into your internal reservoirs of limitless strength, creativity, and power.

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Student: It seems that once you give this up, life becomes so empty and you are so desolate and povertystricken, that there is nothing in life worth getting attached to. Almaas: If you give up that longing for the good object, then you are truly poor. If you are truly poor, then you live in sacredness. If you are truly poor, you won’t feel it is not worth it or it is worth it. None of that exists. You don’t give up out of hopelessness. You give up because you know that is the way. No one can do it any other way.

This is a realm into which we don’t usually venture. When we approach that place where that libidinal energy resides, we may start having visions of devils and gods. Remember the story of Buddha before his enlightenment? The devil Mara came to him, sending dark forces against him, in the hope of distracting him from finally letting go of attachment. First he threw spears at him and sent monsters to scare him, but Buddha didn’t budge. Then he started sending wonderful, beautiful women with luscious breasts who tried to tempt him.

It is useful here to recognize the distinction between soul and spirit. Poverty means the soul has learned to recognize that everything she experiences, everything she has, is not hers. All experience is a gift from true nature, from the source of all manifestation. In monotheistic language, the soul recognizes that whatever richness she experiences, whether material or spiritual, comes from God, a gift and grace from him. She owns nothing because there is only one owner. Even her actions and accomplishments are not hers, for without the capacities and qualities that God gives her, she won’t be able to do anything.

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