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St. Gregory of Nyssa (335-394 CE), who got here from an illustrious Christian kinfolk of Capadocia, grew to become bishop of the small city of Nyssa in 371 and is named one of many founders of mystical theology within the Church. within the lifetime of Moses, some of the most vital books within the examine of Christian mysticism, Gregory retells the tale of Moses's existence from the biblical account in Exodus and Numbers after which refers again to those tales because the foundation for profound non secular classes. the last word target of Gregory's spirituality is to attempt for endless growth within the never-completed trip to God. His exhortations to steer a lifetime of advantage will motivate all who desire to extend their wisdom and love of God.

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But wood placed in the water made the drink agreeable to those who were thirsty. 132. The history agrees with what now happens: for to the one who has left behind the Egyptian pleasures which he served before crossing the sea, life removed from these pleasures seems at first difficult and disagreeable. But if the wood be thrown into the water, that is, if one receives the mystery of the resurrection which had its beginning with the wood (you of course understand the "cross" when you hear "wood"), then the virtuous life, being sweetened by the hope of things to come, becomes sweeter and more pleasant than all the sweetness that tickles the senses with pleasure.

141 125. Moreover, the history teaches us by this what kind of people they should be who come through the water, bringing nothing of the opposing army along as they emerge from the water. For if the enemy came up out of the water with -83them, they would continue in slavery even after the water, since they would have brought up with themselves the tyrant, still alive, whom they did not drown in the deep. If anyone wishes to clarify the figure, this lays it bare: Those who pass through the mystical water in baptism must put to death in the water 142 the whole phalanx of evil—such as covetousness, unbridled desire, rapacious thinking, the passion of conceit and arrogance, wild impulse, wrath, anger, malice, envy, and all such things.

What prevented his making use of his skill for evil also brought him an awareness of divine power. Leaving divination aside, he acted as an interpreter of the divine will. 118 75. Then the foreign nation was destroyed. The Israelites had the upper hand in the battle, but they in turn were overcome by licentious passion for their female captives. 119 When Phineas then with one blow ran those through who were entangled in dishonor, the wrath of God against those raving for unlawful unions abated.

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