God for a Secular Society: Public Relevance of Theology by Jürgen Moltmann

By Jürgen Moltmann

During this masterful research of the non secular and political dilemmas on the finish of the fashionable age, world-renowned theologian Jürgen Moltmann assays the vaulting desires and titanic mess ups of our time. He asks how we got here so far, and he argues strenuously for Christian discipleship and public theology that take aspects. In either serious and artistic methods he advances the categorical relevance of Christian messianic wish to brand new thorniest political, monetary, and ecological questions-including human rights, environmental rights, globalization, industry capitalism, fundamentalisms, and Jewish-Christian relations-and the deeper values contested therein. In an international reeling among utopia and catastrophe, Moltmann right here passionately and provacatively indicates how Christian discipleship, via engagement and unity, can blaze a redemptive direction.

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Auschwitz' became the concrete location of theology. The long shadows of this historical guilt became our locus theologicus. We associated with the name Auschwitz not just a moral and political crisis of our own people, but a crisis of Christian faith too. Why was there so little resistance against the National Socialist Leviathan in the Christian churches? For personal courage was not lacking. But in the Protestant and Catholic traditions we discovered certain patterns of behaviour which apparently led to the failure of the churches at that time.

The dependence theory, which developed out of Lenin's imperialism concept). This theology no longer draws a dividing line between world history and salvation history; it testifies to the whole of salvation for the whole of this world. Liberation theologians formulated the better texts of the Latin American Bishops' Conferences in Medellin (1968) and Puebla (1979), and thus placed the church itself in the process of the transformation of Latin America. In the 1960s Europe too had become a continent full of unrest.

Thomas Hobbes built the unity of the Leviathan on the notion of Covenant or Leviathan? ' Carl Schmitt and Erik Peterson followed him. Duplessis Mornay and Johann Althusius saw the unity of society in the covenant. The crown sits on the constitution, said John Milton, not on the head of a man. Representative institutions ease the load of the people represented. My political representatives decide for me, and by so doing free me from the burden of my own responsibility. Representation of this kind is normal procedure in every form of social life.

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