Floaters by J.A. Konrath, Henry Perez

By J.A. Konrath, Henry Perez

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She unclips a MagLite from Stark’s belt and takes her pepper spray and radio. The handcuff keys are in her breast pocket, and Alex removes her bracelet and binds Stark’s wrists. Then she waits. The cop stirs, opens her eyes. Alex focuses the beam on her. ” “Ma’am... ” Cops like MagLites. Illumination is only one of the reasons why. Alex raises it, heavy with six D batteries, and brings it down on the Officer Stark’s leg. Not hard enough to break it—that would cause a delay—but hard enough to hurt like hell.

S. at a young age, and lives in the Chicago area with his wife and children. Killing Red is his first novel. A. Konrath Cherry Bomb, the sixth Jack Daniels book, features a villain Jack has faced before. Since the Jack Daniels series alternates between Jack’s point of view and that of her adversaries, the included excerpt spotlights the baddie. And boy, is this one a baddie. A. Konrath The Honda’s speedometer is up over 90 mph, and has been for close to half an hour, but Alex hasn’t seen a single squad car on this stretch of highway.

Dammit. Alex figures she said something wrong, which means another patrol car will cruise by any minute. She needs to get out of here, pronto. ” Alex fires two rounds into the trunk of the car. The cop can’t drop the phone fast enough, and it skitters across the pavement. ” Val cowers, hands covering her head, as if that will protect her from a forty-five caliber bullet. Alex takes a deep, calming breath, then exits the vehicle. “I’m going to count to three. If I don’t see the plastic in your hand, your children will grow up without a mother.

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