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A term repo has a longer holding period. A reverse repo is the opposite of a repo. In this transaction, a corporation buys the securities with an agreement to sell them at a specified price and time. The federal funds market helps banks place reserves on deposit at the Federal Reserve Bank. Banks that do not have sufficient funds on reserve can borrow from other banks that have excess reserves. Most of this borrowing is for one day, although some agreements are for as long as six months. Central banks use this market to implement monetary policy.

The term ‘capital market securities’ also applies to stocks. 1(a) shows the cash-flow characteristics of a bond in general. 1(b) shows an example of cash flows from a particular bond. 1 depict the cash payments from the investor, and the upward-pointing arrows depict cash receipts to the investor. By investing the current market price of the bond today ($Price), there is a promised stream of cash receipts in the future, called coupon payments ($C), and principal payment (or par value, $Par). As we will see in Chapter 13, the bond price today is the present value of its future coupons and par value, discounted with the appropriate discount rate.

It is true that, over time, the yield on T-bills changes. However, when you purchase a given T-bill, the rate of return you earn is fixed if you hold it to maturity. Gilts are Treasury securities (bills and bonds) issued by the British government and equivalent to Treasury securities in the USA, in that they are perceived to have no risk of default. This is also the case for the major euro countries in Europe who issue their own government bonds (Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands). 3 shows recent quotes for UK Treasury bills.

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