Fifty Key Christian Thinkers by John C. H. Laughlin

By John C. H. Laughlin

Fifty Key Christian Thinkers offers either worthwhile info and stimulating debate at the lives and paintings of 50 of crucial Christian theologians. Divided into 5 sections, it covers: Christian Beginnings, heart a while, Reformation and its Aftermath, smooth Theology and the 20 th Century. It offers an outline of Christian theology from the emergence of the religion 2000 years in the past to the current day. one of the figures incorporated during this available advisor are Paul, Aquinas, Ockham, Luther, Kierkegaard and Bonhoeffer.

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JBL 87 (1968): 312–320. ” BASOR 196 (1969): 2–16. ” BASOR 198 (1970): 7–31. –––– The Early Bronze Age Sanctuary at ˛Ai (et-Tell). London: Colt Archaeological Institute, 1972. –––– and Kermit Schoonover. ” BASOR 207 (1972): 41–53. –––– The Early Bronze Age Citadel and Lower City at ˛Ai (et-Tell): A Report of the Joint Archaeological Excavations to ˛Ai (et-Tell) 2. Cambridge, MA: ASOR Excavations Reports, 1980. Zevit, Ziony. 2 (1985): 58–69. 19 APHEK (RAS EL-AIN) THE CITY OF PALACES The name “Aphek” (“riverbed”) appears eight times in the Bible but refers to several different places (1 Kgs.

Were found in later walls, indicating that originally more than one deity was worshipped here. However, Herzog concluded that these stones were for constructional purposes only and did not have a religious function (2001: 166). Furthermore, he also concluded that the shape of the Arad temple was not like that of the “Solomonic” temple described in the Bible (1 Kgs. 6). 715 BCE). Another important discovery from Arad are the dozens of ostraca (inscribed pot sherds) coming from different periods.

Ilan, in his article on Aroer published in the OEANE, suggested three major contributions that Biran’s and Cohen’s excavation have made to the field: 1 The excavation of Aroer has helped to refine our understanding of three discrete Iron Age periods, especially so due to the splendid pottery assemblages recovered from these periods. 31 AROER (IN JUDAH) 2 3 The results of the excavation have also clarified the political picture of the Negev during this time, especially between Judahite, Edomite and Assyrian factions.

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