Eyewitness: Epidemic (Eyewitness Books) by Brian Ward

By Brian Ward

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For as alongside as humans have lived jointly in groups, infectious illness has been part of daily life. The interesting tale of disease-causing microbes, micro organism, and viruses crosses each quarter of human life -- from medication, social heritage, and geography to artwork and average heritage. This distinct advisor takes you on a compelling trip via time and into the longer term -- from the plagues of the traditional Egyptians to the laboratories of the twenty-first century. beautiful, three-d versions of disease-causing brokers and excellent electron-microscope photos demonstrate this microscopic and dramatic international in brilliant element. Written by means of technology and medical examiner Brian Ward and produced in organization with the yankee Museum of usual heritage, Epidemic is among the few in-depth explorations of this awesome topic for the standard reader.

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This is because parasites can simply step or jump from one host to another and children spend a lot of time in close contact with each other. They play together at home and school. They mix closely in gyms and swimming pools – warm, damp places that parasites love. At school, they share toilet and washing facilities and can be careless about washing their hands. Worm infections, for example, are commonly spread when people do not wash their hands properly after using the toilet. ” These are the tiny eggs of lice that like living in human hair.

BSE, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, fills cows’ brains with spongy holes and makes them stagger around. It may be caused by feeding cattle with the remains of sheep, which suffer from a similar disease called scrapie. BSE is believed to be spread by an infectious agent called a prion. LEATHER WORKERS AND ANTHRAX People working with animal hides are sometimes exposed to anthrax bacteria. These cause a dangerous and infectious disease that primarily affects cattle. Humans become infected by skin contact with diseased animals, and may develop skin sores.

Fungi can also cause epidemics in plants. When spores contained in the fruiting bodies are released, they blow away. This is how new colonies of fungi start – and also how fungal disease spreads to other plants. Cereals and stored root vegetables such as potatoes are often badly damaged. Fungal attack may also produce poisons that are dangerous if affected plants are eaten. Fruiting body Hypha Breathing hole (stoma) in dock leaf is a weak point through which the fungus emerges Sporelike fruiting body called microconidia, which can cause infection if inhaled HISTOPLASMOSIS The spores released by the fruiting bodies of the Histoplasma fungus cause a disease called histoplasmosis.

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