Eye Wonder Weather by DK


From violent hurricanes and electrical storms to baking sunshine and torrential rain, realize the ability and sweetness of the weather.
Offering a different creation to nature via robust visuals, the attention ask yourself reference sequence was once built for kids prepared for first books in regards to the common world.
Full-color images is paired with basically written textual content to construct a starting place for complicated exploration, assisting convey kids a gorgeous new view of the area.

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Adjustments in weather are pushed through ordinary and human-induced perturbations of the Earth's strength stability. those weather drivers or "forcings" contain adaptations in greenhouse gases, aerosols, land use, and the volume of power Earth gets from the sunlight. even supposing weather all through Earth's background has assorted from "snowball" stipulations with worldwide ice hide to "hothouse" stipulations whilst glaciers all yet disappeared, the weather over the last 10,000 years has been remarkably strong and favorable to human civilization.

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Hail pellets of ice that fall to the ground from storm clouds. Hurricane a powerful storm that brews up over tropical oceans. In different parts of the world, hurricanes are called typhoons and cyclones. Lightning a flash of static electricity in the sky. Precipitation moisture released from the air onto Earth’s surface. Rain, snow, hail, fog, and dew are all forms of precipitation. Pollution any substance that makes air, soil, or water dirty or poisonous. Rain drops of condensed water that fall from a cloud.

42 Rising water When the temperature rises by even a little, polar ice caps start to melt and affect our oceans. Scientists are afraid that if too much ice disappears, polar bears will lose much of their hunting ground. As well as warming the air, pollution damages the layer of ozone that surrounds Earth. Ozone is a bluish gas that helps to block out the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. re h t h ea Dangerous exposure no er Th rth and s outh poles. The light blue on this globe is the ozone layer. The big dark hole over Antarctica has been caused by pollution.

Weather stations • Hygrometers measure gather information. moisture in the air. The first one was built by Leonardo This is then passed on da Vinci in the 1400s. to scientists in individual countries so they can forecast the late 1950s. n i d e their weather. nch er au l e View from space Shown as a bright green swirl on this satellite image, a hurricane hits the Gulf coast of the United States. Weather wizardry Huge supercomputers take in weather data from all available sources. This is fed into a model of our atmosphere so the computer can work out what effect it will have on the weather.

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