Expert Systems Lab Course by Peter Schnupp, Chau T. Nguyen Huu, Lawrence W. Bernhard

By Peter Schnupp, Chau T. Nguyen Huu, Lawrence W. Bernhard

Based on a few pattern structures of various complexity, this publication illustrates the sensible facets of constructing specialist structures and knowledge-based functions software program. The programming language used is Prolog (Clocksin-Mellish standard). The examples care for such themes as concepts for heuristic optimization, the implementation of "frames", the development of explanatory parts, and so on. the entire, practical code for the pattern platforms is supplied within the appendix and will be used as a foundation for extra improvement. This publication is not just appropriate for self-study, seminars or lectures, but additionally as a worthy reference and consultant for software program builders in either advertisement and educational environments.

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And remember to cancel two fields! - restart. - is_aJKiddie_Ticket_possihle. How much money do you have? why. To buy a Kiddie Ticket you must: - have at least 5 DM and - be under 15 years of age. So I would like. to know if you have at least 5 DM. Now: How much money do you have? 2. no The following example is intended to show that a dialog is not restricted to tedious inquiries about money, distances and age. - mta. How much money do you have? Are you daring? why. none. I want to know if you are willing to take a risk to get to your destination quickly.

A means of collecting case data must be provided, so that missing facts can be acquired from the user and added to the knowledge base. 3 ConductingaDialog is_~iddie_Ticket_possible status(cash,Money), Money )= 5, status(age,child). 29 - status(cash,Money), Money )= 5, status(distance,near). is_~iddie_Ticket_possible is_aJMulti_Trip_Ticket-B_possible status(cash,Money), Money )= 12. 50. 30. 3-1. The simplified rules for calculating fares Furthermore, every rule invoked must be recorded such that the system can, at any juncture, reconstruct how it arrived at a particular conclusion and thus give the enquirer a reasonable explanation of its behavior.

Based on the protocol we can see that the attempt to suggest a Kiddie Ticket failed; the enquirer had enough money, but was too old and the distance too great for eligibility. Consequently, the inference engine returned to level 2 to try an alternative hypothesis, rule 101, a Type-B Multi-Trip Ticket. Since the prospective passenger had enough cash, as had already been ascertained via rule 1 and recorded as status(cash,Money) in the fact base, the hypothesis test (rule 7) at level 3 was immediately successful, without any further interaction being required.

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