Environment and Philosophy (Routledge Introductions to by Emily all Brady

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It is clearly a peculiar power: It is a power to bring something about, but one that is thought of as somehow not belonging to the circumstances within which the event in question occurs. It is nevertheless this power that the Romantics wished to have recognised, and for the neglect or denial of which they castigated science. Human beings and nature in ‘Romantic’ thought The Romantics sought to insist then on a conception which made the human being the originator of activity, and not simply a node in a causal nexus.

5 So far Plumwood offers an account of the nature of our contemporary attitudes to nature, which she thinks derives from an archetypal dualism established by Plato. But she also thinks (as is apparent from the list) that the dualism between nature and reason has produced as one of its offspring a dualism between male and female, and it is in this way that, for Plumwood, the exploitation of nature is linked with the exploitation of women. 6 Feminism and Marxism The perspective on human social life known as Marxism is still the beacon that draws those who want to articulate their radical dissatisfaction with the way things are.

There is a fire in the cave, which throws shadows on the walls. The shadows, he suggests, are items belonging to the world of sense; the world of ideas is outside. It is clear that Plato thinks we should aspire to maximise our contact with the world outside, the world of ideas—the world of changelessness. This is a reflection of the superiority of the world of ideas. 42 ENVIRONMENT AND PHILOSOPHY The relative status of the two worlds carries across in Plato’s thought to their respective modes of access.

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