Encyclopedia of World Cultures, east_and_southeast_asia by Paul Hockings

By Paul Hockings

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The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy

This is often the 1st survey of spiritual ideals within the British Isles from the Stone Age to the arriving of Christianity. Hutton attracts upon a wealth of latest information to bare a few vital rethinking approximately Christianization and the decline of paganism.

A Comparative Doxastic-Practice Epistemology of Religious Experience

​This e-book takes a theoretical firm in Christian philosophy of faith and applies it to Buddhism, hence protecting Buddhism and proposing it favorably compared. Chapters discover how the claims of either Christianity and Theravada Buddhism leisure on people’s reviews, so the query as to which claimants to non secular wisdom are correct rests at the evidential price of these stories.

Education, Poverty and Gender: Schooling Muslim Girls in India

This publication investigates the character of id formation between economically backward adolescent Muslim ladies in northern India via targeting the interstitial areas of the ‘home’ and ‘school’. It examines problems with faith, patriarchy and schooling, to interrogate the connection among pedagogy and faith in South Asia.

History and Religion. Narrating a Religious Past

Historical past is likely one of the most vital cultural instruments to make feel of one’s scenario, to set up identification, outline otherness, and clarify switch. this can be the 1st systematic scholarly examine that analyses the complicated courting among heritage and faith, bearing in mind spiritual teams either as manufacturers of old narratives in addition to unique subject matters of historiography.

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