Elliptic PDEs, Measures and Capacities: From the Poisson by Augusto C. Ponce

By Augusto C. Ponce

Partial differential equations (PDEs) and geometric degree concept (GMT) are branches of research whose connections aren't emphasised in introductory graduate classes. but, one can't dissociate the notions of mass or electrical cost, clearly defined by way of measures, from the actual capability they generate. Having any such precept in brain, this ebook illustrates the attractive interaction among instruments from PDEs and GMT in an easy and chic approach by means of investigating houses like life and regularity of recommendations of linear and nonlinear elliptic PDEs.

Inspired by way of quite a few resources, from the pioneer balayage scheme of Poincaré to more moderen effects on the topic of the Thomas–Fermi and the Chern–Simons types, the issues lined during this e-book persist with an unique presentation, meant to stress the most principles within the proofs. Classical suggestions like regularity concept, greatest rules and the strategy of sub- and supersolutions are tailored to the atmosphere the place only integrability or density assumptions at the info can be found. the celebrated position performed by way of capacities and designated representatives is additionally defined. different detailed gains are:

• the awesome equivalence among Sobolev capacities and Hausdorff contents by way of hint inequalities;

• the robust approximation of measures when it comes to capacities or densities, usually absent from GMT books;

• the rescue of the powerful greatest precept for the Schrödinger operator concerning singular potentials.

This ebook invitations the reader to a visit via glossy options within the frontier of elliptic PDEs and GMT, and is addressed to graduate scholars and researchers having a few deep curiosity in research. lots of the chapters will be learn independently, and purely uncomplicated wisdom of degree idea, practical research and Sobolev areas is required.

Keywords: Balayage technique, Borel degree, Chern–Simons equation, non-stop capability, diffuse degree, Dirichlet challenge, elliptic PDE, Euler–Lagrange equation, extremum resolution, fractional Sobolev inequality, Frostman’s lemma, Hausdorff degree, Hausdorff content material, Kato’s inequality, Laplacian, Lebesgue set, Lebesgue house, Marcinkiewicz house, greatest precept, minimization challenge, Morrey’s imbedding, trouble challenge, Perron’s procedure, Poisson equation, power concept, detailed consultant, decreased degree, regularity thought, detachable singularity, Riesz illustration theorem, Schrödinger operator, semilinear equation, Sobolev means, Sobolev area, subharmonic, superharmonic, sweeping-out approach, Thomas–Fermi equation, hint inequality, Weyl’s lemma

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By the additivity of , we have  D C  D max ¹; 0º C min ¹; 0º; and the total variation measure jj is defined as jj D C C  : 24 2. 4. 1). A/ D 0 if a 62 A. n /n2N having better properties like density or capacitary upper bounds (cf. Chapter 14). / C 1: Behind this obstruction lies a more general fact: singular measures cannot be strongly approximated by absolutely continuous measures. 5. /, then  D f for some summable function f . 4. /. / denotes the set of continuous functions with compact support in .

50 4. Variational approach Both integrands are summable over  since the domain is assumed to be bounded. 10 in [345]: this important property is sometimes called the fundamental theorem of the calculus of variations. We systematically use the notation ru D G for the weak gradient. / the boundary of a smooth bounded open set . / is well suited to study minimization problems and to give a meaning to weak formulations of Dirichlet problems involving a zero boundary condition. 1) and is sensitive to boundary conditions.

XI / be a measure space, and let 1 6 p < C1. XI / ! XI /. XI//0 : The conjugate exponent p 0 is given for p > 1 by p0 D p p 1 ; and satisfies the identity p1 C p10 D 1: When p D 1, we take p 0 D C1. 1 (Lp boundedness). Let 1 6 p < C1. XI/ 6 C . 42 3. 2 in [53]. We state it for arbitrary normed vector spaces, although it will be applied below in the setting of the separable Lp Lebesgue spaces for some exponent p < C1. 4. Let E be a normed vector space, and let V  E be a vector subspace. For every continuous linear functional LW V !

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