Electricity 4: AC/DC Motors, Controls, and Maintenance by Jeffrey J. Keljik

By Jeffrey J. Keljik

Up-to-date to the 2011 nationwide electric Code, electrical energy four: AC/DC cars, CONTROLS, and upkeep, 10e promises functional insurance of the AC/DC vehicles, controls, and the upkeep component to electric idea content material. It bargains easy accessibility to present info on DC vehicles, AC automobiles, motor regulate, electromechanical and solid-state relays and timers, synchronous vehicles, install, sensyn devices, motor upkeep, and extra. Combining thorough factors of the way platforms paintings with correct, hands-on examples of electric process operation, this article is going to assist you boost the troubleshooting abilities wanted within the box.

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Torque in the field coils. 3. A DC motor is required to maintain the same speed at no load and full load. This type of operation can only be obtained by using a _______________________________ a. series motor. b. shunt motor. c. differential compound-wound motor. d. cumulative compound-wound motor. 4. As a load is applied to a DC shunt motor the _____________________________ a. field current increases. b. CEMF increases. c. armature current increases. d. torque developed decreases. 5. The speed of a DC shunt motor __________________________ a.

The twisting force exerted on the shaft of a motor is called _____________ and is due to the magnetic field interaction of the _____________ and __________. 8. Field interpoles connected in series with the armature circuit of a motor help counteract the effects of _____________. 9. As a DC motor comes up to its rated speed, its armature current (decreases, remains the same, increases). ) 10. The main factor controlling the armature current of a DC shunt motor operating at rated speed is the ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________.

The motor may reverse its direction of rotation if started under a heavy load. d. This motor develops a speed instability because the flux field decreases with a load increase. e. When starting a differential motor, the shunt field should be shorted because of the great starting current. 3. Arrange the following steps numerically in the correct sequence to test for the proper connections to operate a cumulative compound-wound motor. Place the step number in the space provided, starting with number 1.

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