Ecologists and Ethical Judgements by Jane M. Howarth (auth.), Nigel S. Cooper, R. C. J. Carling

By Jane M. Howarth (auth.), Nigel S. Cooper, R. C. J. Carling (eds.)

How we see the area - our attitudes and assumptions approximately it - profoundly impacts the way in which we care for it. This ebook is written by way of an interdisciplinary workforce of ecologists, nature conservationists and environmental philosophers. It seeks to make the relationship among the theoretical techniques to the valuation of the flora and fauna and the way those paintings in practice.

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If the term 'community' is not to be too divorced from its common meaning, he argues, then there must be some sort of similarity of nature and status between its members. One might indeed wonder, for example, how far eater and eaten can be spoken of as belonging to the same community. Once again, the ecological item community - proves a somewhat problematic candidate for ethical recognition in its own right. 34 Holland Ecosystem, function and health Philosophers have claimed to discern certain formal differences between the concepts of 'ecosystem' and 'community', which are relevant to their potential moral status.

343-57. Dordrecht: D. Reidel. D. (1988) Earth and Other Ethics. New York: Harper & Row. Taylor, P. (1986) Respect for Nature. Princeton: Princeton University Press. B. (1994) The Spirit of the Soil. London: Routledge. H. (1973) Technology assessment and the fourth discontinuity. Southern California Law Review 46, 659. , Pearce, D. and Bateman, I. (1994) Environmental Economics. London: Harvester Wheatsheaf. Williams, B. (1985) Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy. London: Fontana Books. E. (1983) Toward a Heideggerian ethos for radical environmentalism.

If we can persuade ourselves that all values are ultimately no more than consumer preferences, and if everything can have its worth expressed precisely in dollars, then appeal to economic methods will resolve every pressing policy issue. Now everyone knows in their heart that it is lunacy to try to put a price on everything. Remember Oscar Wilde's definition of the cynic as someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. There are some things that it is worse than cynical to put a price on: murder, slavery, rape, kindness, beauty, friendship, love, intimacy, war, oppression, forgiveness, duty - these are just a few of the things whose impact on human lives cannot possibly be measured in dollar terms.

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