Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis: Projects and by Matthys Levy

By Matthys Levy

Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis don’t occur each day, so how can budding scientists examine how they paintings? via experiments, versions, and demonstrations. This in-depth source will train readers the best way to construct a seismograph to checklist a simulated earthquake, examine strain waves and shear waves—the different types of floor shocks—using a Slinky, and reflect a tsunami’s damaging impact on a “coastline” in-built a tub. Authors Matthys Levy and Mario Salvadori even speak about problems with glossy structure and civil engineering: how technology can be utilized to guard structures and estate in earthquake-prone components.
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis solutions a wide range of questions on those phenomena. Can animals “predict” earthquakes? How have numerous cultures defined the move of the earth all through heritage? what's the Richter scale, and what does it let us know concerning the energy of a quake? And most vital, readers will the way to earthquake-proof their houses, and the way to guard themselves may still they event a tremor.

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The edges of most tectonic plates do n ot lie on land b ut under th e seas, which cover o ver 70 p ercent of our planet. W hen one pla te push es up suddenly against another at the bottom of the sea, the shock also pushes up a mo und of water. As th e mound settles down, a wa ve called a tsunami (after th e J apanese wo rd f or “se ashore villa ge wave”) moves out in all directions on the surface of the ocean, like the waves that radiate from a pebble thrown into a pond. Generating a Tsunami You can reproduce this ocean phenomenon the next time you take a bath in the tub.

Ask your friend to tell you the measurement indicated on the ruler as the pendulum swings to the extreme left and when it swings to the extreme right. By subtracting the smaller from the larger number, you have measured the amplitude of the movement. 8 53 54 EARTHQUA K ES, VOLCANOES, AND TSUNAMIS You will find th t bo th p eriod and amplitude are imp ortant properties that measure how fast and how strong an earthquake is. Another Pendulum Experiment You’ll Need ᭤ pendulum (from previous experiment) ᭤ pencil ᭤ paper ᭤ tape 1.

Its bottom water will be slowed down by the friction against the tub mat, and the top water will collapse the “buildings” on the first two brick piles. It will then move through the gap between those piles at an even greater speed and destroy the “buildings” in the “valley” beyond. Questions 1. We live on the coast of California. Do we have to worry about being overrun by a tsunami? Most earthquakes along the California coast are caused by the horizontal slippage between the Pacific and t e North American plates.

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