Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism by M. D. Siperstein, H. DoVale, J. R. Silber (auth.), Professor

By M. D. Siperstein, H. DoVale, J. R. Silber (auth.), Professor Dr. Rodolfo Paoletti, Professor Dr. David Kritchevsky, Dr. William L. Holmes (eds.)

The contemporary symposium and the looks of this new publication on medicines Affecting Lipid Metabolism occur at a truly strange time for the advance of this sector. After the book and vast reputation of the result of the cholestyramine research by way of the Lipid Clinics within the united states, displaying for the 1st time an immediate organization among drug brought about aid of plasma degrees of overall and cholesterol and heart ailment in a excessive chance inhabitants, an unheard of curiosity in medicines and different methods capable of keep an eye on plasma levels of cholesterol has been activated. different major occasions happened in the course of 1986 and 1987: the provision of compact tools for the instant selection of overall ldl cholesterol in plasma or overall blood and the advancements of recent brokers similar to the inhibitors of HMG-CoA (hydroxymethyl­ glutaryl CoA) reductase and ACAT inhibitors, with most likely nice influence on plasma lipid degrees after oral management. those new advances, including the mixed efforts of phone biologists and lipoprotein chemists, have set the velocity for an exhilarating interval of study and scientific purposes of diets and medicine af­ fecting lipids. This quantity, consisting of the paintings of the various top global laboratories, represents an authoritative and up to date ap­ praisal of the prestige of the artwork and a stimulus to destiny study at laboratory and medical point in a space of chance for medical and preventive medicine.

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J Lipid Res 21:35-43 . Cighetti G, Bosisio E, Galli G, Galli Kienle M (1983) The effect of cholestyramine on liver HMGCoA reductase and cholesterol 7a<-hydroxylase in various laboratory animals. Life Sci 33:2483-2488 Danielsson H (1973) Influence of dietary bile acids on formation of bile acids in rat. Steroids 22:667-676 Endo A, Tsujita Y, Kuroda M, Tanzawa K (1979) Effects of ML-236B on cholesterol metabolism in mice and rats: lack of hypocholesterolemic activity in normal animals. Biochim Biophys Acta 575 :266-276 Gibbons GF, Mitropoulos KA, Myant NB (1982) Biochemistry of cholesterol.

Although alcohol dehydrogenase can be found in the cytosol, the predominant aldehyde dehydrogenase appears to be a mitochondrial enzyme. Because the mitochondria are a site for the oxidation of fatty acids, the further degradation of the C-27 bile acids to C-24 bile acids was also thought to occur in mitochondria and to parallel the same enzymatic reactions. However, it has been shown more recently that the peroxisomes, which also have a major role in the oxidation of fatty acids, probably also account for the bulk of the metabolism of C-27 bile acids to C-24 bile acids.

The kinetics of cholesterol transfer to the microsomal vesicles and those of modulation of ACAT activity are consistent with the possibility that during the preincubation liposomal cholesterol is transferred to plasma membrane vesicles and that the rate of transfer of plasma membrane cholesterol to the ACAT substrate pool increases with increasing concentration of cholesterol in plasma membrane vesicles. 3 The Role of Cytosol in the Forward and Reverse Transfer of Cholesterol Cytosol present in the preincubation mixture increased the preincubation-dependent rate of change of ACAT activity both in the absence and in the presence of cholesterol/ phospholipid liposomes (Mitropoulos and Venkatesan 1984).

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