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He therefore presumes that the “aristocratic” segment of the state should lead and keep under control the “popular” portion. 55 In the contemporary Roman Empire, political concord was particularly desirable after the year of the four emperors and the abuses of Domitian’s reign. Plutarch admired Camillus’ wise admittance of plebeians to the consulship as a solution to a domestic crisis, and notes that his vow to establish a temple to Concord preceded his decision. The Gracchi, though rightly opposing senatorial rigidity, were wrong to push too hard; on the other hand Opimius’ construction of a temple of Concord after slaughtering the Gracchan faction was hypocritical (Cam.

18 Another work, the Roman Questions, written after the death of Domitian in 96 ce, draws heavily on the reading in Roman sources that underlay the Parallel Lives. The 112 short investigations span a broad spectrum of issues related to Roman practices and ­customs and furnish further evidence that Plutarch had immersed himself not only in Roman history but its antiquarian lore. 19 Here again, Plutarch may have drawn on oral sources as well. Remarkably, none of the Roman practices is interpreted as harmful or foolish.

Flacelière (1987) xlvi–l; Stadter (2004). 37 Cf. Jacquemin (1991). 38 Rousset (2002) no. 11, lines 12–13. Cf. Stadter (2004) 30. 39 SIG 3 829A, cf. Jones (1971) 34; Swain (1991). The philhellene Hadrian had visited Boeotia and been archon at Athens before becoming emperor: Plutarch may have met him on either occasion, or others (cf. Birley (1997)). 40 Cf. Stadter (2005), especially pp. 212–213. 41 Cf. Pelling (2010). 42 That is, dikaiosunê, sôphrosynê, phronesis, andreia, and praotês, philanthrôpia, and epieikeia.

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