Cyclomancy, the secret of psychic power control. by Frank Rudolph Young

By Frank Rudolph Young

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Intensify it at first until your mouth feels like watering. Intensify it the second time until your hands feel warm. Intensify it the third time until your feet feel warm. Intensify it the fourth time until your stomach feels warm. Intensify it the fifth time until your chest feels warm. Intensify it the sixth time until your legs feel warm. t the seventh time until your neck feels warm. To feel pleasantly warm all-over you have to stim. ulate your loving nerves and draw the. blood out of your muscles into your skin.

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It :proves that the mind, or the nerve to the leg itself, develops muscle power reflexly. CYCLOMANCY-THE SECRET OF PSYCHIC POWER CONTROL 31 How to Develop Psychic Power. Control Over Your Muscle Coordination Center You have three times as many nerves carrying messages from your muscles to your spinal cord or brain as carrying commands to your muscles. More than one message carrying nerve, then, comes to face each command nerve at the Nerve Gaps in your spinal cord or brain. For a muscle of yours to receive its full command it needs to receive messages from more than one message carrying nerve at the same time.

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