CP Violation in {B_s}^0 -> J/psi.phi Decays: Measured by Sabato Leo (auth.)

By Sabato Leo (auth.)

This thesis stories at the ultimate size of the flavor-mixing part in decays of strange-bottom mesons (B_s) into J/psi and phi mesons played in high-energy proton-antiproton collisions recorded via the Collider test at Fermilab. Interference happens among direct decays and decays following digital particle-antiparticle transitions (B_s-antiB_s). The section distinction among transition amplitudes (“mixing phase”) is observable and intensely delicate to contributions from non-standard-model debris or interactions that could be very not easy to discover another way – a proven fact that makes the suitable dimension of the B_s blending part the most vital pursuits of particle physics. the consequences provided contain an actual decision of the blending section and a collection of alternative vital supplementary effects. All measurements are one of the so much unique to be had from a unmarried scan and supply considerably more suitable constraints at the phenomenology of recent debris and interactions.

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09 ps s J/ψφ −1 . 5. 7 sketches the evolution of the amplitude K 1 (|A0 (t)|2 ) of the Bs0 → J/ψ K + K − decay rate in Eq. 02 and J/ψφ −1 in Fig. 49 ps in Fig. 7b. 77 ps−1 [35], and polarization amplitudes and strong phases are as measured in Ref. [30]. The time-evolution of the decay-amplitude changes sigJ/ψφ and nificantly for different values of βs s . Specifically, the squared magniJ/ψφ sinh( s t/2) tudes of the polarization amplitudes depend on the terms cos 2βs J/ψφ J/ψφ sin( m s t); the former provides sensitivity to βs even without and sin 2βs differs from zero.

6). Proper statistical treatment of the resulting features is an important part of this analysis. The statistical reliability of results that are very sensitive to non-SM physics has to be accurately ensured. 3 [26, 36–39] The inclusive same-sign dimuon asymmetry AbSL is defined in Ref. 6. 6 is based on measurements performed at CDF [35] and LHCb [44]. These are all consistent with the SM predictions within sizable theoretical uncertainties. Improving the precision s , and of the SM prediction is desirable to further constrain non-SM physics in M12 requires improving the accuracy of lattice QCD evaluations of the decay constant and bag parameter (see Ref.

Each oscillation term proportional to sin m s t or cos m s t is canceled out because they appear with opposite sign in the K i (t) and K¯ i (t) terms, J/ψφ if but the rate is still sensitive to βs s ∪ = 0. 41) ⎪ δ → 2π − δ∝ ∝ ⎪ ⎩ δ⊥ → π − δ⊥ J/ψφ together with the reflection of this transformation with respect to βs ⎧ J/ψφ J/ψφ ⎪ → −βs β ⎪ ⎨ s s → s ⎪ δ → δ∝ ∝ ⎪ ⎩ δ ⊥ → δ⊥ and =0 ⎧ J/ψφ J/ψφ ⎪ → −π/2 + βs π/2 − βs ⎪ ⎨ − s →− s ⎪ 2π − δ∝ → 2π − δ∝ ⎪ ⎩ π − δ ⊥ → π − δ⊥ . 42) A four-fold ambiguity is present in the decay rate, with the four equivalent solutions J/ψφ , sketched in the (βs s ) plane in Fig.

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