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Carnal Comics

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The most important of these consequences concerns the connection between the causes of poverty and economic insecurity, on the one hand, and the transformation of traditional systems of resource allocation and entitlement, on the other. In one scenario, land and labor were expropriated in order to focus on cash crops for long-distance markets. Perhaps nowhere were need and want more closely associated with this type of resource extrac- Poverty in the emerging global economy 41 tion than in Latin America, which suffered the introduction of the European-operated plantation system.

Indeed, without the accidental advantage that the introduction of Old World diseases gave them in Latin America, Europe’s military weaknesses confined them to small coastal outposts in Africa and Asia. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, European slave traders could not merely seize slaves for transport to the Americas; they had to offer African traders merchandise of real value for the slaves they acquired. In China, some imperial advisors, feeling confident that Europeans were no match for strong ground forces, counseled a rejection of contact with these Western barbarians.

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