Boophilus microplus: The Common Cattle Tick by Dr. Jorge Luis Nuñez, Dr. Mario Enrique Muñoz-Cobeñas, Dr.

By Dr. Jorge Luis Nuñez, Dr. Mario Enrique Muñoz-Cobeñas, Dr. Horacio Luis Moltedo (auth.)

A precise tracing, from appropriate assets, of archaeological and paleontologi­ cal discoveries made as much as the current time leads us to consider that approximate­ ly in 8000 y B. C., in Southern Turkestan, guy succeeded in domesticating the 1st farm animals, which he later took with him as he migrated from this distant sector of principal Asia. step-by-step, Europe and Asia were steadily inhabited by means of domesticated livestock which were integrated into man's financial system, either as a resource of nutrition and paintings. a similar occurred in the US and Australasia, continents the place farm animals have been taken by means of the eu colonizing teams in the course of the process the sixteenth to the 18th centuries. probably the typical livestock tick additionally reached those continents whilst, accompanying its such a lot widespread host. The livestock tick, Boophilus microplus, parasitizes Asiatic livestock races (with spe­ cial connection with the zebu, Bos indicus), yet in most cases the extent of infestation isn't excessive, just a couple of engorged women being detected, quite often not more than ten. whilst farm animals of eu races are infested by means of Boophilus microplus, how­ ever, the extent of parasitism is better, occasionally attaining limits incompatible with the lifetime of the host.

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The great number of setae, existing all over the dorsum on the level of the elevated zones, can be observed both in Figs. 32. Among the elements composing the ventral surface are included the coxae, which have already been described. Dorsal Shield Fig. 28. Semi-engorged female of Boophilus microplus, dorsal view. 40x Fig. 29. Dorsal view. Detail of half the dorsal shield, right side. 100 x 35 36 Morphology and Physiology Fig. 30. Seta of dorsal shield, near the eye. 2480 x Fig. 31. Adult male of Boophilus microplus, dorsal view.

240 x Fig. 20. Larva of Boophilus microplus, detail of pulvillus. 640 x Legs Fig. 2IA,B. Semiengorged female. Detail of claws. 820 x A 29 30 Morphology and Physiology DIS T A M E D I A L \PROX I MAL Fig. 22. Tarsus of an anterior leg of Boophilus microplus (Waladde 1976) (cap l-C apS) (c apl - ca p 2) Fig. 23a-c. a Anterior depression (ap) bearing setae 1 - 6 and posterior capsule (cap) of Haller's organ; b Setae 1 - 6 (cap 1- cap 6) of posterior capsule; c Setae 7 -12 (cap 7 - cap 12) of posterior capsule (Waladde 1976) Likewise, on this level we can find Haller's organ (Haller 1881) which consists of an anterior depression (ap) and of a posterior capsule (cap) (see Fig.

The setae, situated on scapular level, are short; the length of the rest being quite reduced. The appearance of one of them can be clearly seen in Fig. 30. In adult males, the shield covers the dorsal surface and is rigid. Its appearance can be observed in Fig. 31. The cervical grooves run divergently in an anteroposterior direction, on the level of leg II where the eyes are located, although only rarely apparent. Posteriorly, there appear two lateral grooves and a central one, which would originate in a circular depression on the level of leg IV and which are described in Fig.

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