Bloomberg Businessweek (26 March - 1 April 2012)

Bloomberg Businessweek journal: company Week, America's prime company information journal, makes the area of industrial interesting by means of selecting and examining pivotal occasions, sizzling developments and compelling personalities. This insightful weekly journal edifies advanced concerns and conveys a feeling of pleasure whereas telling readers what they should recognize, usually ahead of they should are aware of it.

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A variety of economic and political events can significantly affect the prospects for these instruments. Also, there typically is not an organized lending market for these securities (see Chapter 7), so it is difficult to sell short most issues. Most instruments do not have a futures contract that reasonably tracks these issues. As a result, buyers are generally not able to hedge risk. Market makers cannot cushion change in demand for the issues by inventorying or selling short issues to investors.

In contrast, the Ellington fund escaped the raiders by aggressively liquidating positions before creditors took control. 4 Although Foxhound Fund was liquidated, many investors moved to other Bulldog funds and the management company survived to run the other investment products. It is possible to see substantially different business strategies in the mutual fund industry. For example, the Janus group of funds enjoyed huge success in the 1990s. The funds placed heavy weight on the high-tech stocks that were driving the market indices rapidly higher.

Surrender Fee A surrender fee is assessed as a percentage of redemption amount for exiting investors. Sometimes this fee is paid back into the fund to compensate the remaining investors for the transaction costs caused by the need to liquidate assets for the redemption. When the fee is paid to the management company, it serves as a source of additional revenue for the manager and acts as a deterrent to investors considering leaving the fund. Fee Structures 15 Hurdle Rate A variation on the incentive fee sets a rate below which no incentive fees are collected.

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