Birth Control, Sex, and Marriage in Britain 1918-1960 by Kate Fisher

By Kate Fisher

This publication uncovers the hidden background of gender relatives, sexual attitudes, and contraceptive practices that followed the dramatic decline in kin measurement within the 20th century. Drawing upon vibrant oral historical past bills, Kate Fisher's ground-breaking research locations males (rather than their other halves) at the back of the force for smaller households.

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It was quickly followed by a range of others, in particular Wise Parenthood and A Letter to Working Mothers, designed to provide the detailed information about birth control methods only alluded to in Married Love. Marie Stopes supplemented her books with regular articles in working-class newspapers such as John Bull and Penny Magazine. A supreme publicist, she ensured she was rarely out of the newspaper headlines for several decades. ³⁷ In 1922 she filed a libel suit against Dr Halliday Sutherland, deputy commissioner for Tuberculosis Medical Services in England and Wales, and a Catholic, who had charged her clinics with experimenting on poor women.

Introduction Cecil Wyn Cecil Wyn Cecil Wyn Wyn Cecil Wyn Wyn 23 In what ways? Tell me. In what way? Well (clears throat) women have careers now; which in those days they didn’t, they just—all they wanted to do was just get married, have children, and look after a husband. So they were always at home, looking after the children. But now, life is quite different. I mean, men go out to work, women go out to work, sometimes they have ‘house-husbands’, which was unheard of in those days, er, and vice versa.

The Maintenance of Ignorance 37 about VD, and, by the Second World War, provided with a source of condoms. Walter spread a bunch of blown-up condoms all around the army canteen: I remember in Germany when I was in the army I found a big box of them, big as this table, full of them, so of course . . ⁷⁸ When Felicity was a Wren she would have to ‘pull [her] pants down’ because ‘they used to always be doing these free from infections inspections because er, they’d want to keep everybody healthy’.

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