Beyond Positive Thinking: Success and Motivation in the by Jim Collins

By Jim Collins

Writer and motivational speaker, Jim Collins, explains how God's notice may help create the lifestyles you have been designed to dwell by means of tapping into your God-given talents. He emphasizes "life-application"of the truths in Scripture to aid readers achieve his or hers complete capability. past optimistic pondering expounds at the Scriptures, making them come alive in order that they are relatable to these residing within the twenty first Century. those ideas might help readers in achieving freedom from worry, nervousness and unfavourable considering.

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And through your perception it has become what you have perceived. Thus God, being the totality of all that is, is the wrong as well as the right; it is the ugliness as well as the beauty; it is the vileness as well as the divinity. The Father has never judged you in this or any moment you have ever lived. He has been you and the platform of life upon which you have expressed your own divine, purposeful self. He has given you the uniqueness of your own ego and the freedom of will to become whatever you wish to become, to perceive the life that he is, however you choose to perceive it.

You are not a slave or servant or puppet of some deity that watches you in your struggles. You live in the awesomeness of life in exquisite freedom. Each of you has the freedom of will to accept and embrace whatever thoughts you choose, and with that awesome power you have created everything for yourself. Your every thought creates the destiny that lies before you. Your every feeling creates your path called life. " Who are you? You are God who possesses within the silence of your being the ability to think, the ability to create, and the ability to become whatever you want to become, for you are this moment precisely what you chose to be, and none has stayed your hand in becoming it.

If you ask man, "How should I look? What should I believe in? " - if you do that, you will die. That is a truth. Go and ask the wind: "Give me knowledge, wind. Open me up and let me know," and it will turn you from olive to silver and take you into the hollows of the canyons and laugh with you blatantly free. I was most fortunate in being taught by life's elements. The sun never cursed me and the moon never said I must be a certain way. And the elements never reflected failure to me. The frost and the dew, the smell of grass, the insects going to and fro, the cry of the nighthawk, they are all unfailing things whose essence is simple.

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