Between Two Worlds: George Tyrrell's Relationship to the by Nicholas Sagovsky

By Nicholas Sagovsky

Tyrrell and Arnold take their position in a mainly English theological culture. Appreciation of this practice is of the 1st value in figuring out the history to modern Anglicanism and modern Catholicism. greater than that, it bargains a manner of bridging the gulf among the area that to Tyrrell and Arnold used to be lifeless or demise and the realm of the past due 20th century with all of the questions that they started to understand - prophetic members not able to dwell with the Church in their day and not able to discover the Church of the long run.

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In the succeeding chapters we shall see more closely to what extent he succeeded. This chapter has been an introductory survey, bringing together Tyrrell's clear references to Arnold, and affording some preliminary idea of the debt he might have owed to him. It has not been possible to outline the religious philosophy of either man in such a small compass, and so the effect of comparison must at this point be somewhat two-dimensional. However, from 36 'Definite evidence' the evidence so far collected we may draw two preliminary conclusions: 1.

In a review of The New Theology by R. J. Campbell (The Hibbert Journal, 5 (1907), 917-21), having noted that religion was suffering from the 'entanglement of revelation with theology' (p. 1 Tyrrell is prepared to grant Arnold the honour of having spotted what is probably the critical question for religion in his time - that of the nature of religious language - but he still wants to defend both the Church and the God of Newman. 24 In dealing with religious experience, Arnold gave Tyrrell a phrase that he, like many of his contemporaries, used again and again.

In God and the Bible Arnold went into the subject in greater depth, only to admit that, The case against the Christian miracles is that we have an induction, not complete, indeed, but enough more and more to satisfy the mind, and to satisfy it in an ever-increasing number of men, that miracles are untrustworthy, (p. 165) Now this is an important hint, for an induction of this type is not the same 41 Between Two Worlds as the experimental verification of a hypothesis. It involves the kind of imaginative reasoning and the kind of conviction that Newman discusses in the Grammar of Assent (a book to which Arnold never refers).

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