Anti-Semitism and Schooling Under the Third Reich by Gregory Wegner

By Gregory Wegner

This e-book investigates the anti-Semitic foundations of Nazi curricula for straight forward colleges, with a spotlight at the topics of biology, background, and literature. Gregory Paul Wegner argues that any examine of Nazi society and its values needs to probe the schooling supplied through the regime. colleges, based on Wegner, play an enormous position in advancing ideological justifications for mass homicide, and in legitimizing a tradition of ethnic and racial hatred. utilizing numerous basic assets, Wegner offers a shiny account of the advance of Nazi education.

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Two years before the Nuremberg Laws, the ministry told educators that the preservation of Nordic bloodlines meant the survival of the German racial community. Pupils must understand that mixing their blood with foreign races, especially with Jews, was an act of national betrayal. A wise and informed choice of marriage partner became obligatory. The struggle against degeneration and hereditary disease meant that teachers were obligated to teach about the rationale behind sterilization. In the only international connection in the entire directive, educators learned that legal measures in other countries served as models for the legitimation of German sterilization and racial laws.

Until the French Revolution a. The Proliferation of the Jews b. Court Jews VI. The Emancipation of the Jews VII. The Great Struggle 1. The Preparation for Attack a. Statistics b. Jewified Professions c. From Money Lending Jews and Court Jews to Landholding d. "Public Opinion" e. Political Preparations Representative Bodies Government Monarchy 2. The Great Jewish Attack against Germany in the World War and in the November Revolution a. Secret Manipulations b. Destruction of the Will to Victory (Defeatism) c.

89 Such qualities remained cherished by a regime bent on exploiting racial anti-Semitism for the purpose of cementing national unity and consolidating Nazi power. The curriculum for the elementary school reflected both continuity and change. The Nazis remained largely committed to maintaining the same school subjects that had defined studies in the Volksschule for years. The transformation of these subjects through race ideology was what set the Nazi school agenda apart from previous generations.

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