Ancient Greek: A Foundation Course by F. Kinchin & T. W. Melluish Smith

By F. Kinchin & T. W. Melluish Smith

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Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds (Banned Books) (Revised Edition)

It's and index of quite a lot of books (fiction and non fiction) that have been censored for political purposes throughout the twentieth century. The books are awarded in alphabetical order through its name, the writer provides a precis of every publication and a quick heritage of ways and why was once it censored.

Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor

He discovered Rome made up of clay and left it made from marble. As Rome’s first emperor, Augustus reworked the unruly Republic into the best empire the area had ever visible. His consolidation and growth of Roman energy thousand years in the past laid the rules, for all of Western historical past to stick with.

Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature

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