Against the Wind: Eberhard Arnold and the Bruderhof by Markus Baum

By Markus Baum

The first-ever biography of an uncompromising innovative for Christ whose witness nonetheless reverberates around the globe. Markus Baum, a favourite German journalist, offers Eberhard Arnold (1883-1935) as a job version for modern day disaffected younger new release.

Baum's hugely readable account examines the forces that formed Arnold's lifestyles. He recreates a colourful period while hundreds of thousands of younger women and men in Weimar Germany rejected traditional mores and struck out on a special direction. Arnold, a tender and aspiring author and speaker, performed a favorite function during this ''Youth Movement,'' yet later left the limelight to stay the solutions he had chanced on, beginning a small neighborhood in accordance with Christ's teachings and instance.

Against the Wind indicates Arnold's wide-ranging impact on different religious leaders of his day, his lonely stand opposed to the increase of Nazism, and his carrying on with legacy - the Bruderhof group circulation - which makes his lifestyles as appropriate this present day as ever.

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1:14! My Emmy…” 24 Against the Wind Chapter three “May God give both of us truth in its full­ ness and love in its entirety. Absolute weakness and fullness of power. Deep earnestness and unceasing joy. ” from Eberhard to Emmy, July 20, 1908. 25 lovE lEttErS Little is so well documented as Eberhard and Emmy’s engagement. The couple wrote to each other daily, sometimes more than once. To the credit of the Prussian postal service it must be said that the letters never took more than a day to arrive.

11 It is not surprising that he had his ear to the ground for news about particularly striking events in Christian circles. ”12 She was surprised at their unstructured and incomprehensible manner of prayer, but was ready to explore the matter thoroughly. ” Eberhard’s dry response to this: “Preaching in the Spirit without proclaiming Christ is very dangerous fanaticism. ” After a third meeting with the Norwegians, Emmy thought that the movement might nonetheless be from God. 14 Eberhard placed great value on Emmy’s assessment, which for the moment was cautiously positive.

But it was von Gerdtell who raised “objective reservations” to this idea. “I am afraid ‘non-Baptist’ is the decisive factor,” was Eberhard’s comment. In early July 1908 the Halle SCM seriously considered appointing him to chapter secretary – not exactly a livelihood, but it seemed a viable option. ” Their only concern was to prevent his baptism. All these ideas and schemes were shoved into the background by a turn of events that, up to this point, neither Eberhard nor Emmy had seriously considered.

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