After Life: Answers from the Other Side by John Edward

By John Edward

What occurs when we die?

The acclaimed medium takes his abilities to new degrees and new international locations!  For After existence, John and a documentary group traveled to Australia and around the usa, the place he established once more that grief, therapeutic, and desire are perpetually intertwined. He solutions his fans' most-asked questions on the mediumship approach and the way it really works, whereas revealing his personal own existence as a husband and new father. Edward additionally stocks what he’s realized via his personal own losses and demonstrates that it’s by no means too overdue to forgive…and by no means too distant to like.

John additionally connects with celebrities either the following and at the different side.

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All human beings are born “equipped” with the same nervous system. They respond in ways that are basically uniform. The same things soothe or irritate their nerves. It has been scientifically demonstrated that electric wires react to stimuli in ways very similar to stimulation of the nerves. In Out of the Labyrinth, a book I wrote many years ago, I showed that even morality is rooted in certain universal realities of human nature. Why, for instance, are the words of Jesus Christ, quoted by St. Paul in Acts, universally true?

The truths of consciousness everywhere must be universally the same, then, and—given all that we know of life—must also be eternal. Chapter Three True, vs. False, Religions: Part One P eople over many years have sometimes asked me my opinion of a certain well-known book, published some years ago, which claims to be based on true revelation. Even on my first perusal of this book I observed that it lacked at least three of the vital ingredients of true scripture. First, its words conveyed no vibration of divine power.

Nor, it may be added, does any divinely new revelation come through visitors from other planets. ”) As for that miraculously discovered book, the acid test of the truths it proclaimed would have been whether it corresponded to the eternal, Divine Truths that have been handed down through the ages by great masters to mankind. The validity of true teachings has been demonstrated conclusively by the uplifting influence they’ve had on sincere spiritual seekers who, the world over, devoted years to their practice.

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