Advanced Machining Processes by V.K Jain

By V.K Jain

Non traditional production methods, Non conventional production methods

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5 \ 1. 2146 mm3/s Step 3. 289 min Step 4. B . 00497 RaU0' \ T O Z M ? 023 Thus, it is evident that the material removed by hammering is much more than by throwing (approximately 43 times). Hence, for approximate calculations, VA can be ignored as compared to Vh. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. 2. 3. Bellows G. B. (1982), Drilling W ithout Drills, American Spe­ cial Report, 743, p. 187. F. , New York. Bhattacharyya A, (1973), New Technology, The Institution of Engineers (I), Calcutta. 48 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

A brittle material can be machined more easily than a ductile one. It is considered as a very safe process because it does not involve high volt­ age, chemicals, mechanical forces and heat. 4 kW. USM system has sub-systems as power supply, transducer, tool holder, tool, and abrasives. High power sine wave generator converts low frequency (60 Hz) electrical power to high frequency (=20 kHz) electrical power. This high frequency electri­ cal signal is transmitted to the transducer which converts it into high frequency low amplitude vibration.

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