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Absence of AEGL-1 values does not imply that exposure below the AEGL-2 values are without adverse effects. R. B. L. E. Vancil. 1967. The Human Assessment of BZ Disseminated Under Field Conditions. S. Department of the Army, Medical Research Laboratory, Edgewood Arsenal, MD. Test species/Strain/Sex/Number: Human volunteers, males, n = 8 Exposure route/Concentrations/Durations: Aerosol inhalation Effects: Cognitive and behavioral effects, mild effects on heart rate and blood pressure. 5 mg-min/m3; presumably for 5 min) for a 165-pound human with a breathing rate of 15 L/min.

1963. The Human Assessment of BZ. CRDL Technical Memorandum 2029. S. Army Chemical Research and Development Laboratories, Edgewood Arsenal, MD. S. 2006. Chemical Warfare Secrets Almost Forgotten: A Personal Story of Medical Testing of Army Volunteers. Santa Rosa, CA: ChemBooks. S. R. Sidell. 1997. Incapacitating agents. Pp. R. T. R. Franz, eds. Office of the Surgeon General at TMM Publications, Borden Institute, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC. R. B. L. E. Vancil. 1967. The Human Assessment of BZ Disseminated Under Field Conditions.

Additionally dysarthria (slow, slurred, and difficult to produce speech) was also noted in the subjects. S. Department of the Army (1974) for humans breathing rate at a rate of of 15 L/min. 3. Developmental and Reproductive Effects No human developmental or reproductive toxicity data on BZ were available. 4. Genotoxicity No human genotoxicity data on BZ were available. 5. Carcinogenicity No data were found regarding the carcinogenic potential of BZ in humans. 6. Summary Data regarding the health effects of BZ in humans following inhalation exposure are limited to military application studies.

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