A world of crisis and progress: the American YMCA in Japan, by Jon Thares Davidann

By Jon Thares Davidann

3 comparable topics weave in the course of the adventure of the yank YMCA missionaries and eastern Christians among 1890-1930: the relationship among nationwide identification and Christianity, ensuing conflicts among those Christians, and an alternating experience of trouble and development. within the Twenties, tensions among american citizens and eastern leaders led the yank YMCA missionary circulate to reevaluate its goal and compelled it clear of nationalism.

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Mott, the leader of the YMCA missionary movement, became known throughout the world as a missionary statesman. He would often meet with heads of state on his foreign missionary tours. 28 Christian Progress for Japan This sense of progress, when it focused upon the so-called "heathen peoples" of the Oriental world, was characterized by an assumption on the part of American Protestants that progress and enlightenment flowed from the United States to Japan. 29 Arthur Pierson devoted several pages of The Crisis of Missions to demonstrate the progress that had been made in Japan.

The only escape from the corruption of the world was in the afterlife. The message, according to Bercovitch, changed from condemnation to hope in the new world. This optimism signaled a world that was more dynamic and progressive than Europe. While the European Jeremiad was locked in a ritual of despair, the American Jeremiad became one of promise and hope that the Kingdom would be fulfilled in the new world. American Christians reflected upon signs of progress as tokens of God's favor promising future fulfillment.

Perhaps even more important to this project has been a change in assumptions about East/West influences. Scholars for too long have been concerned about the impact of the West on East Asia, assuming that influence and knowledge flowed from West to East Page 11 in unilinear fashion. First, this assumption allowed Westerners to believe that they represented a model of civilization and enlightenment for East Asia. Modernization theory marked the apex of this interpretation. Then, with the rise of anti-imperialist revolutions and radical changes within the academic world after World War II, an opportunity arose to redefine this approach.

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