A Short History Of Christianity by J. M. Robertson

By J. M. Robertson

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A magnificent piece of labor. Salzman has produced the main entire quantitative learn of conversion of noblemen up to now. I fairly loved her concluding bankruptcy on their impact on Christianity. She indicates that fourth-century bishops followed the rhetoric of the Aristocracy and honor of their preaching and writing in a manner that appealed to aristocrats.

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Die vorliegende Arbeit beschaftigt sich ausschlieBlich mit dem Anti christdrama; Weltgerichtsspiele und sonstige eschatologische Spiele, wie etwa das Zehnjungfrauenspie1, sind nicht beriicksichtigt. Die Griinde dafiir sind erstens praktisch: die Gesamtheit der eschatologischen Spiele hatte nur in einem erheblich groBeren Rahmen behandelt werden konnen.

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Christianity announces Christ and the incarnate be aware of God; the Bible is defined because the note of God in either Jewish and Christian culture. Are those usages only homonymous, or might the ancients have famous a extra intimate relation among the observe incarnate and the note proclaimed? This e-book investigates the idea that of trademarks in pagan, Jewish and Christian concept, to be able to elucidating the polyphonic services which the observe bought whilst utilized in theological discourse.

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And to all siich selection the loyal study of the texts is fatal. " "We are led without escape to the conclusion that no strain of teaching in the gospels can be fathered on the shadowy founder, who for Paul is only a crucified phantom. The humanistic teachings are no more primordial, no less capable of interpolation, than the mystical and the oracular. Some of the best sayings are among the very latest some of Collectively, the narrowest belong to the earliest tradition. ; tell of a hundred hands.

The presumption is that it was framed at the stage at which the Jewish Christists, faced by the Pauline and Gentile opposition to circumcision, hitherto held binding among the Jesuists, decided to substitute baptism (which already had a Jewish vogue) and thereby maintain a Jewish primacy. But baptism too was a common Gentile usage, as was the use of holy water, later adopted by the Christian Church. variations of the cult ; With these Christist rites, it is clear, there was associated a fixed belief in the speedily-approaching world, that being the notion every book in the ' New originally end of the which most completely pervades Testament.

I, NOMINAL FOUNDEE'S PEESONALITY § 3] winter the birth-day of the 15 Sun-God in the most an anniversary, the date of his crucifixion is made to vary from year to year in order to conform to the astronomical principle on which the Jews, following the sun-worshippers, had fixed their Passover. Between those fabulous points everything the gospels affirm as biographical fact is fortuitous or purposive invention, which on scientific analysis " leaves not a wrack behind " in the solstice, popular cults ; and while that is fixed as nature of objective history.

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