A Joyful Pilgrimage: My Life in Community by Emmy Arnold

By Emmy Arnold

Emmy Arnold was once born in 1883 in Riva, Latvia, to a well-known kin of teachers. As an grownup she became her again at the middle-class milieu of her upbringing and married Eberhard Arnold, a progressive public speaker. In 1920 the couple left their Berlin domestic and based a rural commune that also exists within the Bruderhof, and as a Christian communal move within the united states, united kingdom and Australia. this can be a biography and historical past of Emmy Arnold's existence and paintings.

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We were without news from Eberhard. Since we had moved to the Tirol solely for Eberhard’s sake, we – Else, Luise (a young German girl staying with us at the time), and I – considered taking the first possible train home. Then on August 18 (Hardy’s second birthday) news reached us that Italy had broken her alliance with Germany. Within hours we had packed the bare essentials and were on our way home. We managed to  A Joyful Pilgrimage Seekng get on an overcrowded train leaving for Innsbruck the following day.

No. What brought us together was a single concern: “What shall we do? ” There was no one who was able to give a clear-cut answer. So it happened that we came together in one common quest. People were expectant, open for any kind of direction or inspiration. Often we went on after midnight, until finally, after a prolonged struggle, a helpful insight drew us together and showed us the way forward. The writings of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Gustav Landauer spoke especially to our situation. At that time the Furche brought out a book called Die arme Schwester der Kaiserin (The Poor Sister of the Empress).

It took us about two hours to reach Sannerz, as we chose a route over the hills and also rested on the way. Our first stop was in the little village inn, where we  A Joyful Pilgrimage The Wnd Blows were well received and given a good meal. Afterwards we went across the road to have a look at the villa, as it was known – a building that was to become significant for us and for many other people in the future. Herr Paul was friendly and accommodating. The house seemed suitable for our purpose, with its fifteen rooms, a kitchen, and a number of attic rooms that could be remodeled as dwellings.

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