A History of Christianity in India: The Beginnings to AD by Stephen Neill

By Stephen Neill

Christians shape the 3rd biggest non secular neighborhood in India. How has this turn up? there are various reviews of separate teams: yet there has thus far been no significant background of the 3 huge teams - Roman Catholic, Protestant and Thomas Christians (Syrians). This paintings makes an attempt to satisfy the necessity for this kind of historical past. It is going correct again to the start and lines the tale during the ups and downs of not less than fifteen centuries. It contains cautious reviews of the political and social heritage and of the non-Christian reactions to the Christian message. The narration is non-technical and may current few problems to the considerate reader; the extra technical issues are handled in notes and appendices. This publication should be of curiosity to all scholars of Church background and also will end up interesting to many that are all in favour of the improvement of Christianity as a global faith and within the discussion among varied varieties of religion.

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All this happened after the beginning of the Christian era. But there may be one small exception to the general rule, and of this brief notice should be taken. Small communities of Jews have certainly existed in India for a very long time. There are the Bene-Israel in and around Bombay, and the separated but related communities of the White and the Black Jews in Cochin in Kerala. Various views are held as to the date at which Jews first arrived in India. Some, taking the loan words for apes and peacocks in the Hebrew Old Testament (i Kings 15: 22, 2 Chronicles 9: 22) as Tamil in origin, have dreamed of an active commerce between the realm of King Solomon and South India, at about the time at which the hymns of the Rg Veda were being composed.

47 This teaching is introduced by the magnificent theophany in Reading xi, in which Arjuna in answer to his own request is allowed to see Krsna as he really is, the Supreme from which all things issue and into which all things pass away. This passage, unique or almost unique in Hindu religious literature, may be compared to the theophanies in the religious literature of the Jews, in which we find the same combination of terror and delight. It is impossible to over-estimate the part which the Glta has played in the religious life of India.

164). So, when the apostle had prayed, 'he said unto the soldiers: Come hither and accomplish the commandments of him that sent you. And the four came and pierced him with their spears, and he fell down and died' (c. 168). Students of early Christian writings had come to regard the Acts of Thomas as valuable evidence for the views of Christians in Mesopotamia in the third century, but to discount the possibility of there being any historical element in its highly romantic stories2 - until King Gondopharnes emerged from the mists of fancy on to the clear stage of undeniable history.

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