6th International Symposium on High-Temperature by Tao Jiang, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Gerardo R. F. Alvear Flores,

By Tao Jiang, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Gerardo R. F. Alvear Flores, Onuralp Yucel, Xinping Mao, Hong Yong Sohn, Naiyang Ma, Phillip J. Mackey, Thomas P. Battle

The research, improvement, and/or operation of hot temperature tactics that contain the construction of ferrous and nonferrous metals, alloys, and refractory and ceramic fabrics are lined within the publication. The leading edge tools for reaching impurity segregation and elimination, spinoff restoration, waste minimization, and/or strength potency also are concerned. 8 topics are awarded: 1: excessive potency New Metallurgical procedure and expertise 2: primary study of Metallurgical method three: Alloys and fabrics guidance four: Direct relief and Smelting aid five: Coking, New strength and surroundings 6: usage of sturdy Slag/Wastes and complicated Ores 7: Characterization of extreme temperature Metallurgical Process

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It can be seen from figure 2 that the metal is mainly composed of Cu, Cr , Al2O3 inclusions and a small amount of Cu2O phase. Metallographic Microscope Analysis 1# 2# 4# 3# 5# Figure 3. Micrograph of Cu-25%Cr alloy Metallographic analysis of the Cu-25%Cr alloy samples 1#-5# prepared by Thermit Reduction- 37 Electromagnetic Casting were observed, as shown in Fig 3. As shown in the figure 3, the alloys obvious contain copper-rich area, chromium-rich area as well as pores and inclusions, which yellow for Cu substrate, white for Cr phase, black for pores and inclusions.

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